An organizer of the local PechaKucha event contacted me because they were interested in having a presentation about Bitcoin. PechaKucha is a style of presentation in which 20 slides are presented using 20 seconds for each of them.

I always thought that there are many answers to question “What is Bitcoin?” so I decided to take this opportunity to try to give twenty different answers to the question “What is Bitcoin?”

I used remark to create the slides. I totally recommend remark. I took me only 20 seconds to prepare each of the twenty slides. Then it took me another 20 minutes to find how to increase the font size, because I was using the standalone html script and the font size was hidden in a script at the bottom of the page.

This is the result: PechaKucha: 20 answers to the question “What is Bitcoin?”.

It turned out that this was not exactly what the PechaKucha organizers were expecting, as they wanted a more visual presentation à la TED talk. I will include images to the slides if I find some time to do it.